Straphangers to weigh in on proposed MTA fare hikes

The MTA unveiled details Tuesday of its proposed plan that will take straphangers? wallets for a ride.
The list of proposed fare hikes and service cuts unveiled by the MTA calls for single subway rides to go up to $3; express bus rides would jump from $5 to $6.25, and daily, weekly and monthly passes would rise in price as well.
In addition to those hikes, bridge and tunnel tolls would increase from $5 to $7, and a single trip in an Access-A-Ride vehicle could go from $2 to $6.
The proposed hikes have recession-burdened commuters frustrated. However, straphangers will get a chance to weigh in on the proposed changes. Before any policy gets finalized, the MTA will hold a series of public hearings; the first of which will be held at Lehman College on Feb. 4.