Students, officials demand safe schools

Some city students, who say they fear for their safety in school, are teaming up with the City Council to do something about it.
The students and elected officials made their voices heard Thursday when they called on school safety agents to be held accountable for any mistreatment suffered in the city?s schools.
?We have the most to lose. They have nothing to lose. The most that happens to them is they are transferred to another school to harass another student,? says student Jaritza Geigel, about those accused of disrupting the school day through misconduct or criminal acts.
Those who gathered at City Hall are also demanding the passage of a School Safety Act, legislation that would force school safety agents to go before the Civilian Complaint Review Board when a grievance is filed.
?We are asking for accountability. We just want to ensure that they are accountable to make sure they're doing the jobs they're supposed to be doing daily,? says Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito.
The act would also require quarterly reporting by the Department of Education and NYPD to the City Council about incidents including arrests and suspensions.