Study: BX residents need help keeping food stamps

Anti-hunger advocates in the Bronx and the rest of the city say residents that need food stamps are having a hard time receiving them on a consistent basis.A study by the Urban Justice Center claims 61 percent of people in the program were dropped or removed within 20 months. According to the study, more than 500,000 residents are expected to be added to the program and more than 270,000 will be dropped within two years.The organization says the reason for the statistics is that the re-certification process is a major headache. In order to fix the problem, the group says the city needs to focus less on enrollment and more of the actual hunger crisis throughout the city.Officials from the Human Resources Administration told the New York Times that the study paints an overly negative picture. The department says that some people may have simply moved away and not have had problems renewing their benefits.