SUEZ Water customers could soon be paying more

SUEZ Water customers in Rockland could soon be paying more money for their water bill.
SUEZ recently proposed a change in rates that could go into effect next February.

SUEZ customers in the New Rochelle area could see a decrease in their bill, while residents in Rye could be paying more than $5 extra a month.      
Putnam County customers face a monthly increase, but in Rockland, SUEZ proposed a 20 percent rate increase of more than $10 extra a month.

Officials say 30 percent of Rockland County's water supply comes from Lake DeForest, while the remaining 70 percent comes from water wells, which makes some wonder why they would potentially have to pay more.
“There's a specific state tax that we had to pass onto our customers,” says SUEZ director Bill Madden.
SUEZ says it also wants to invest more money into infrastructure.

"We are proud to invest $440 million in to replacing pipes, upgrading our water plants. This gives us higher quality water and better reliable service,” says Madden.

Officials say the testing standards for clean water have also increased, which is why the price of healthy water is on the rise.

The rates are not set in stone just yet. Officials say it is an 11-month process and that there will be public hearings. The state will then decide how much more some customers will have to pay.