Sunny and warmer on Thursday; rain returns Friday into Saturday

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Addison Green says the dry stretch ends late Friday into Saturday morning as some rain showers move through. Dry weather moves back in Saturday afternoon/evening with colder weather Sunday through Thanksgiving week.  It's early, but we are keeping an eye on a possibly bad weather day next Wednesday.
TONIGHT: Partly cloudy to mostly clear with lows near 37 degrees. 
THURSDAY: PICK OF THE WEEK -- Mostly sunny and warmer with highs around 59 degrees. Lows near 44 degrees. 
FRIDAY: Becoming mostly cloudy - Highs around 63 degrees. Most of the day is dry. Showers are still possible into the evening and overnight. A coastal storm will be passing to our south and east. We are going to be between that system and a cold front approaching the lower Hudson Valley from the west. At this time, expect scattered periods of showers at best. This does not look impressive locally. Lows near 49 degrees. 
SATURDAY: Periods of rain showers during the morning. Then, drying conditions for the afternoon. Cool and breezy. Highs around 54 degrees. Lows around 35 degrees.
SUNDAY: Sun and clouds. Breezy and chilly. Highs around 49 degrees. Lows near 33 degrees. MONDAY: Mostly sunny with highs around 45 degrees. Lows around 31 degrees. 
TUESDAY: Sun and clouds. Still chilly. Highs around 47 degrees. Lows around 33 degrees. WEDNESDAY (GETAWAY DAY): Periods of rain likely. Possibly windy. Highs around 53 degrees. Lows around 38 degrees.  THURSDAY (THANKSGIVING): Mostly sunny and chilly with highs around 48 degrees. Lows near 35 degrees.