SUNY New Paltz student who put up posters of Israeli hostages around campus says they were torn down

A SUNY New Paltz student who put posters of Israeli hostages being held by Hamas around campus said they were torn down.
New Paltz sophomore and Dobbs Ferry native Angelina Palumbo told News 12 that on Wednesday, she and a friend decided to put up about 60 posters of the Israeli hostages.
She said they hung them on light posts and in common areas where the posters did not need a stamp of approval from the Student Association.
When she went to check on them after class, she found them torn down and destroyed.
"They rip it in a way where the corners of the flier are still held up with tape, and just the information and the person is ripped off and it feels like that's what happened to so many of these families. People were just ripped away from them and it leaves a giant hole and that's really all I felt," Palumbo said.
She said she was then targeted on social media and experienced a lot of hatred online just because she put up these posters. Instead of letting this get to her, however, she and her friends held a bake sale on Thursday in one of the locations where a poster was torn down.
They sold challah in support of Israel.
Palumbo said they raised almost $200 and will send those proceeds to emergency services in Israel.
A spokesperson for the university told News 12 that the school has not received a formal report about the incident. They also said that they, "Don't condone the intentional removal of flyers based on their content."