Suspended police chief takes stand for disciplinary hearing

Suspended Clarkstown Police Chief Michael Sullivan took the stand Tuesday in a second disciplinary hearing against him.
A special prosecutor questioned Sullivan for hours at Clarkstown Town Hall about emails, probing into alleged proof of misconduct. The chief is facing nearly two dozen disciplinary charges and is accused of condoning improper surveillance of a community group called We The People and insubordination, among other violations.
Sullivan's attorney said in opening remarks that the charges are bogus and part of a politically motivated attack by the new town administration. The special prosecutor presented multiple emails into evidence and questioned Sullivan at length about their meaning and intention, specifically one incident involving an investigation into We The People, and a suspected anti-cop play they were producing.
Sullivan, who's been suspended since last July, is widely supported by community members, some of whom were present at Tuesday's hearing.
The hearing is expected to continue on Thursday.
Sullivan announced earlier this month that he is running for Clarkstown town supervisor.