Taps run dry at the Pour House in Nyack

After a shot of hope, the seesawing battle over an Orangetown bar's liquor license went flat when a judge upheld the initial suspension Friday.
The Pour House had its license suspended last week for allegedly serving alcohol to minors -- then a judge reversed the order. 
But at a hearing Friday, another judge reinstated the ban -- until a new hearing next week.
In the meanwhile, owner Sean Spicer can only serve food.
"We do everything we can to prevent people with fake IDs at the bar," Spicer laments. "I don't want to lose money, but we have to stay in business. I have great employees. They're the best asset I have. They have to feed families."
Spicer says he employs a licensed security guard who checks identification visually and with a scanning device. He even has a collection of IDs that security has confiscated in just the past two months.
But police launched an undercover investigation in June that they say found 18 minors at the bar.
"Before the raid, we had the scanner used by the National Guard," Spicer says. After the raid, he spent thousands of dollars on new scanners recommended by the state. But some fake IDs beat the machines.
"Right now I'm the only one probably in Orangetown with their scanner, and I'm closed," Spicer says.
The State Liquor Authority has scheduled a hearing for July 19 to determine whether the Pour House's liquor license will remain suspended or face cancellation or revocation.
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