Ten busted in the Bronx, city for role in international heroin ring

Police have busted what they say was a lucrative scheme that involved smuggling heroin from Panama to the streets of New York.
Ten people in the Bronx and city were arrested in addition to eight people in Panama and one in Rhode Island. Police say swallowers or mules would ingest pellets containing half a kilogram of heroin and travel hundreds of miles. Upon arrival they'd excrete the heroin, which would then be sold on the streets. Police say the swallowers made $10,000 a trip and were a critical part of the operation.
During the investigation, agents seized more than 3 kilos of heroin in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn. In addition they recovered wire receipts of recorded money transfers from the U.S. to Panama that totaled more than $300,000.
Police say there are still several suspects at large.