The New Normal: Mask mandates for students are changing in CT, NJ, and NY may follow. What else is being done in classrooms as COVID-19 numbers fall?

This morning, News 12's Rich Barrabi was joined by Dr. Robert R. Zywicki, the superintendent of the Mount Olive Township School District in New Jersey to discuss mandatory COVID-19 testing for students, mask mandates in schools, quarantine and contact tracing requirements, extracurricular activities and more.

In New Jersey, masks become optional for schools and day care centers starting March 7. This is a cause of concern for many parents. Right now, it is mid-winter break for many students, but once they return there is an additional concern over the issue of testing.  How is Dr. Zywicki preparing for that at the district level? He answers below:

As a transition takes place to mask optional learning, Dr. Zywicki is placing a special emphasis on supporting students with special needs throughout the process. He says this is what needs to be done to make sure that happens:

Spring is coming up quickly, and that means spring sports may come back in full force. How is Dr. Zywicki making sure that students are kept healthy and safe as winter sports transition into spring.

In person spring sports may be returning to full capacity with extra precautions, but many are wondering about when will school be back to what it was like before the pandemic? Dr. Zywicki believes it won't happen overnight but we're on our way there. He goes into further detail below:

Dr. Zywicki shared his forecast for the rest of the school year and hopes for the future of education below: