The New Normal: Will school mask rules be relaxed before September?

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined this morning by Dr. Lucy McBride and Dr. Robert Zywicki to talk about mask-wearing in schools.
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says school officials are empowered to relax masking among students and staff in their buildings given extreme weather conditions.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo attempted to clear up confusion regarding in-school mask mandates for students and staff, after a reversal from the state Department of Health sparked confusion and outrage. Facemasks will no longer be mandated for outdoor activities, Cuomo said, but local districts may make the decision to still require them.
Dr. Zywicki talks about mask confusion in New Jersey, and Dr. McBride talks about the use of masks with children:
The end of the school year can be a time of mixed emotions – happiness, relief, sadness, anxiety – and all of those are normal. What do you think kids need to know before ending the school year? Dr. McBridge answers and talks about how to protect kids. Dr. Zywicki talks about how normal his school is right now.
Schools will soon close their doors on the strangest year in modern history and are preparing for a historic reopening in the fall. After a year that changed everything, what comes next?