Effort underway by officials to honor former Rockland County official who passed in 2020

There's a new effort underway at the federal level to honor a Rockland County official who died in 2020
Republican Rep. Mike Lawler has introduced legislation to have the Haverstraw post office on Main Street to bear Paul Piperato's name.
The lifelong Rockland man spent decades serving the public in various roles before being elected as the county clerk in 2005.
A role he served until his sudden passing in May 2020 at 61 years old.
"He wasn't just a clerk. Paul was a pillar of Haverstraw and Rockland County," said Rep. Lawler.
Dozens of officials, on both sides of the political aisle, at various levels of government, stood together on Wednesday in favor of the effort.
"He was everybody's go to guy and he is sorely missed," said Rockland County Clerk Donna Silberman.
"If you ever needed anything from him, he was there," said Haverstraw Mayor Michael Kohut.
"Paul stood with everybody and that's my point, it didn't matter if you were republican, conservative, independent," said Rockland County Sheriff Louis Falco.
Piperato's family was there, too.
Alexa Piperato, Paul's niece, said "we know many love and miss him everyday, and having this building named after him as permanent recognition of the impact he had and continues to have on everybody's life."
Paul's daughter Danielle said, "He was a very humble man so I'm sure he would be laughing saying 'oh my gosh.' But no, he would love it. He loved this county. He loved everyone."
News 12 is told that the Haverstraw Post Office serves more than 4,000 people and businesses.
As News 12 has previously reported, Piperato also has a portion of a state road as well as a county park named in his honor within Rockland.