8 tips for children walking or bicycling to school

Is your child walking or bicycling to school? Teach them about pedestrian and bicycle safety. Here are some tips.

Sandrina Rodrigues

May 8, 2024, 8:30 AM

Updated 76 days ago


Children are back on the road walking or bicycling to school! It’s important for parents to teach them about pedestrian and bicycle safety.


It’s likely you or your child will be a pedestrian at some point in the school day. Remind them to:
  • Use the sidewalk whenever possible, and if there isn’t a sidewalk, walk on the edge of the street facing traffic.
  • Whenever they are available, use marked crosswalks to cross the street, and look left-right-left for vehicles or bikes before crossing.
  • Make sure you never play, push or shove others when you walk around traffic.
  • Everyone should watch the road, not their phones.
If you are driving, especially in a neighborhood, look out for pedestrians at all times, everywhere. Foot traffic is likely to be higher as more families and children are at home.


Bicycles can be an easy and quick way to travel to school. But parents and children should be aware of the dangers on the road. In 2019, there were 846 bicyclists killed in traffic crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Be sure to do these simple things to keep your bike ride safe:
  • Always wear a correctly fitted helmet, and securely fasten the chin strap.
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic, and follow traffic signs and signals.
  • Stay in the bike lane whenever possible.
  • Never use electronics while riding - they are distracting.
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