Torso provides new clue to Mamaroneck police

Police have determined the woman whose torso washed up in a suitcase in Mamaroneck was dead approximately one week.
According to investigators, the tattoo of two cherries on a stem is still their best lead. They say the tattoo is somewhat recent so they have distributed fliers to tattoo parlors in Westchester and New York City.
Police say the victim was Hispanic or black, 35 to 50 years old and around 160 to 200 pounds. They say the victim had multiple stab wounds. Another promising lead stems from the extra large shirt and large sweatpants found draped over the body.
Police ruled out the identity as that of a Highland Falls woman who disappeared in 2006 during a messy divorce. Mamaroneck police have now called in the FBI, state police and county police. They have been sharing information, hoping they can use their resources to make some sense of the clues. Related InformationPolice ask tattoo parlors for help in solving Mamaroneck torso mystery Efforts stepped up to identify torso washed ashore in Mamaroneck