Town officials promise to intervene to stop Hamlet of Ramapo evictions

There may be new hope for tenants of a historic Hillburn community who are facing eviction from their homes.
Town officials have promised they will intervene to try and stop the “Hamlet of Ramapo” residents from being evicted.

As News 12 reported, more than a dozen longtime tenants were being evicted by the Town of Ramapo, their landlord. The town is giving the residents until Nov. 30 to move out.
“It’s not fair to the taxpayers to have to subsidize these units, which are not making money,” said town attorney Michael Klein.
It turns out that the eviction notice wasn't written in stone, and there's now growing support on the Town Board to keep the tenants in their homes. The tenants now have the support of Deputy Town Supervisor Brendel Logan Charles and Councilmember Patrick Withers.
Withers says what isn’t clear is if their votes will be enough to stop an eviction.

“I support the deputy supervisor in trying to stop the evictions but I’m not sure if we have the support of the other board members,” he says.

News 12 reached out to three other board members but was told that they were out of the office due to a Jewish holiday.