Travel through time and space at Time Mission in West Nyack

You’ll walk into more than two dozen worlds where no two games are the same.

Apr 13, 2023, 12:12 PM

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Did you know you can travel through time and space in the Hudson Valley? That’s exactly what we’re doing on this Road Trip: Close to Home to Time Mission in West Nyack!
How does traveling to a different world sound? How about a couple dozen? “We call it Time Mission because it takes you back to a certain time, so you're escaping to a different place,” says John Purisima, general manager of Time Mission
You’ll walk into more than two dozen worlds where no two games are the same.
“It’s almost like… each room, there’s a designer for…it’s built pretty much by hand,” explains Purisima.
You and your friends have up to two hours to explore different portals. But the timer is ticking to master each mission in four minutes! You’ll test your strength, speed, intelligence and, ultimately, team coordination.
“What you’re doing is really bonding as a group, as a team, because we developed the games where you have to play with at least 2-5 people,” says Purisima.
Before popping into a portal, you’ll get the rundown of what you’ll walk into. For example, you will travel to the Jungle Temple — where the floor is lava, and your fitness is tested. Do you have cat-like reflexes? Hit the lights and test it out in the control room portal. You’ll also find a nostalgic nod to “Simon Says.”
You will be racing against time to rise the ranks against all Time Mission players.
Time Mission is on the third floor of the Palisades Center and walk-ins are welcome! Just make sure you’re dressed for your out-of-this-world adventure.

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