Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: $600 COVID-19 stimulus payments start going out Tuesday night

Stimulus direct deposits started going into resident's bank account as soon as Tuesday night.
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says stimulus direct deposits started to arrive Tuesday night and will continue through next week. He adds that paper checks will begin to be mailed Wednesday.
$600 is the baseline for the direct payments going to Americans for economic relief. It could have been bumped up to $2,000 until Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked the measure, which needed unanimous consent, on Tuesday.
This comes after the House of Representatives passed it the day before with bipartisan support.
"To reject this would be in denial of the economic challenges that people are facing and it would deny them, again, the relief they need," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
President Donald Trump is also calling to raise the number on those check even after signing off on the baseline bill. While golfing in Florida Tuesday, he tweeted, "$600 is not enough."
Not every Senate Republican is on the same page as McConnell, who doesn't want the bill to top $1 trillion.
"I've said I've supported it, I support it, look we have to provide relief to Americans," said Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler.
Even after McConnell's move on Tuesday, the measure could be scheduled for another vote in the Senate.
For now, people can expect $600.