Trump supporters gather at Rye Playland to protest election results

More than 100 Trump supporters gathered at Rye Playland Sunday to protest what they say is an unfair election.
Some of them, like Connecticut resident Elizabeth Deluca, came from out-of-state to be a part of the movement.
"We're here because we believe in President Donald J. Trump and we want to make sure that the elections were properly counted and that the ballots were properly counted because we believe in the integrity of the system," she says.
The caravan lined up on the Rockland side of the Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge and made its way through Westchester.
President Trump has already requested a recount in multiple states in hopes of retaining his position.
The overwhelming message from his supporters today is a simple one - they say it's not over yet.
As it stands, President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn into office on Jan. 20 alongside his Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris.