Turn To Tara investigates apparent data leak at Department of Labor

Turn To Tara is investigating claims from out-of-work New Yorkers who say their personal information was compromised during the filing process for unemployment.
Several worried residents started reaching out to News 12 last week expressing privacy concerns after reports of a technical glitch at the New York state Department of Labor.
Travel agent Tiffany Layne says she learned on Friday she was one of at least 200 unemployed New Yorkers whose private data - including her Social Security number and home address - was accidentally compromised.
Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon said in a phone call that it was a mechanical error.
It turns out that the leak was due to a broken printer that caused papers to stick together in a batch of mail sent out at the end of April. This led to personal data landing in the wrong places.
"We are sending out emails and letters to every person in those batches," says Reardon. "It is unacceptable at any time, but particularly during this horrendous crisis...people are already anxious, we don't want to make it worse for them."
All impacted New Yorkers are now being offered a free year of credit monitoring, along with assurances it won't happen again.
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