Twist in case of Highland Mills woman accused in chainsaw attack

The Highland Mills woman charged with attacking her husband with a chainsaw is now back with him.
Police say Marie Jadraszak cut her husband?s arm with a chainsaw after he punched her in the face. Jadraszak was being held on $10,000 bail for a felony charge, but once the grand jury heard details of the case bail was dropped and the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor. That paved the way for her to return home with her husband.
The grand jury?s decision has some local advocate groups questioning the courts. The director of the Orange County Safe Homes Project, a non-profit organization that provides assistance for victims of domestic violence, says it seems like Jadraszak was forced to go home rather than stay in jail. She adds, the group does not condone violence and wants battered women to know there are organizations that can help.
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