Ulster couple invites community to help with farm education project for people of all abilities

Many of the horses have also experienced trauma in the past.

News 12 Staff

Feb 8, 2023, 8:57 PM

Updated 470 days ago


An Ulster County couple is on a mission to help people of all abilities learn, grow and confront their struggles   

Regina Till and Jenna Simmons opened the Dream Keeper Farm Project just a few weeks ago, and already have some clients.   

They run horsemanship classes and mentorship programs for people who are trying to overcome challenges or illnesses.   

Simmons tells News 12 that her work with her horse, Taki, has helped her control her anxiety and PTSD.   

She says she's found that horses are complex animals who can help people learn composure, calm and important life skills.   

They're holding several events to spread the word about the farm, including an open farm on President's Day.
"The more we talk about us, the more people will know about us. We keep offering events to the community so people can come in. We offer farm tours so people can come. Feed our animals, hear my story, let me hear yours, and let's see where we can fit," says Simmons.    

Till and Simmons are seeking out horses that may have experienced trauma in their lives.   

They say the program is meant to help horses heal, too.

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