Union workers rally in support of proposed sick-day legislation

Westchester County union workers flooded the county office building in White Plains Monday afternoon to show their support for proposed legislation that mandates paid sick days for all workers in the county.
Under the law proposed by county Legislator Catherine Borgia, businesses with at least five employees would have to provide up to five sick days.
Critics of the legislation say it would put undue hardship on small business owners.
Former New York state Assemblyman and current Business Council of Westchester Executive Vice President John Ravitz says lawmakers need to think about the long-term ramifications of the measure.
"By doing a blanket piece of legislation that's going to affect small businesses with five employees, there are going to be consequences,” he says.
News 12 has learned that public hearings are scheduled to be held on the proposed legislation.
Supporters say the goal is to get it passed before the summer.