Vigil marks 20 years since death of Anthony Baez

Bronx residents held a candlelight vigil to mark 20 years since the death of Anthony Baez, who had an altercation with a police officer before he died.
On Dec. 22, 1994, Baez, 29, was playing football with his brothers on Cameron Place when the ball accidentally hit the car of Officer Francis Livoti. Soon after, the officer arrested Baez's brother for disorderly conduct. Livoti used an apparent chokehold while attempting to arrest Baez, which resulted in his death.
Livoti was convicted of violating the civil right of Baez and received a 7 ½-year sentence after being acquitted of state charges of criminally negligent homicide.
Those in the community lit candles and brought flowers to the vigil. Baez's picture and the pictures of other victims who lost their lives at the hands of police were placed at the memorial as well.