Viral video of pediatric cancer patients catches Diddy’s attention

A video that went viral across Westchester County and the country caught the attention of a famous rapper.
The video, created by Fighting All Monsters, shows pediatric cancer patients trying to get noticed by Sean Combs, also known as Diddy.
Diddy responded in an Instagram post Thursday saying how inspired he was by the kids.
“These kids are so strong and I'm humbled they've found strength in one of my songs. They are fearless and motivating me like nothing before. And of course I'll dance with all of you! Every time I'm feeling my energy shift I get up and dance. Keeps my vibrations high!
I'll dance with y'all everyday! Never stop believing... and remember WE AIN'T GOING NOWHERE!!!!”
Diddy also posted on his Instagram story a video from our sister station New 12 The Bronx.