Vote 2023: Well known political players meet in Clarkstown supervisor race

This year's race for Clarkstown’s town supervisor includes two names that voters already know well – Town Clerk Justin Sweet and incumbent Supervisor George Hoehmann. 
Sweet has been town clerk for more than a decade. He also touts his experience in real estate law as an attorney. 
"We just solve problems for people on a daily basis. I think those skills are really going to help transfer to leading the whole town forward. Where we listen to people," said Sweet.
Sweet hopes to make spending more efficient and lower property taxes. He also wants to protect against over development.  
Hoehmann has been leading the town for eight years as supervisor. He was a town councilman before that. 
Hoehmann spoke with News 12 about his record of creating and improving parks, addressing illegal housing and the migrant crisis, and recently offering a 0% tax increase. 
"But the works not done and there's a lot left to be done,” said Hoehmann. “I'm looking forward to returning to office, hopefully. And another two years of working on problems for people in Clarkstown."  
As News 12 reported, New York’s Court of Appeals found Clarkstown’s term limit law was illegally adopted because voters never decided on it. The decision allowed Hoehmann to seek a fifth two-year term.