Voters to weigh in on open Hudson Valley state senate seat

Voters in Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan counties will decide on Election Day who they want to replace a long-time state senator who is retiring after two decades of service.
The race for the 42nd district pits Democrat Jen Metzger against Republic Anne Rabbitt.
Both candidates say their top campaign priority is to lower property taxes, but they have very different stances on other key issues.
Metzger says, “I support the NY Health Act, which would create comprehensive health care for everyone,” and “I’m a strong proponent of women have decision-making authority over their bodies.”
Rabbitt says, “I don’t think anything should be free. There’s a cost to everything,” and “I’m pro-life and I’m very proud of it,”
The current office holder is Republican John Bonacic who has held the seat for 20 years.