Warwick Mayor Newhard dragged around parking lot after trying to help civilian who was in crash

Warwick police say Mayor Michael Newhard was dragged through a parking lot as he tried to stop a man from driving over the weekend.
Officials say on Saturday police did a welfare check on a man who kept falling on Main Street. When they arrived, someone told them the man had been involved in a car crash in the parking lot.
Officers were informed Newhard had seen the man and tried to help him, but the man got back up and kept walking and falling into the lot where he entered his truck. Newhard took the man's keys away to stop him from driving, but he took out a spare set and started the car, dragging the mayor through the lot, hitting six parked cars.
A United States Parks police officer who was in the lot broke the pickup truck window and stopped the driver, handcuffing him until Warwick police arrived. The man was taken to the ER for evaluation and testing. Newhard was also treated and released.
Warwick Police say charges are pending against the driver. His name has not been released.