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Warwick police officer in stable condition following on-duty crash with tractor-trailer

Warwick police say the force of the crash knocked both vehicles into the parking lot of the Pin Street Bowling Alley nearby and overturned the trunk.

Blaise Gomez

Jul 12, 2023, 9:37 AM

Updated 345 days ago


A Warwick police officer was injured in a serious crash with a tractor-trailer.
State police say the accident happened around 10 p.m. Tuesday at the intersection of State Route 94 and Warwick Turnpike in Warwick.
They say the tractor-trailer was heading northwest, when he struck the police car that was traveling southwest.
The tractor-trailer then proceeded through the intersection and struck a telephone pole, flipping on its side.
Authorities say the freightliner tractor-trailer was driven by 50-year-old Mouhamadou Diallo, from Brooklyn.
Officer Jordan Tetreault was found injured by rescuers and unconscious. Warwick police say the roof of her police cruiser had to be cut off to get the trapped officer out, which took 45 minutes.
News 12 is told the officer regained consciousness and was airlifted to Westchester Medical Center, where she is in stable condition.
The truck driver was taken to Garnet Medical Center with minor injuries.
New York State Police are investigating.
Officer Jordan Tetreault
Crash scene photos

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