Washingtonville parents accused of racial slurs at youth football game

Some Orange County parents claim their children were subjected to racially charged language at a youth football game last weekend.
Melissa Rodriguez, of Newburgh, was cheering on her 11-year-old son during his football game against the Washingtonville Wizards last weekend when she says the fun was sidelined by a group of angry parents from the opposing team.
Rodriguez says those angry parents used the N-word to refer to the kids, and fellow mom April Barrett says she heard the racial slurs as well.
"I couldn't believe it," she says.
Team coach Keith Ford alleges that the verbal attacks continued after the game, this time from a parent who's allegedly a Washingtonville co-coach.
Both teams are part of the Orange County Youth Football League. Parents say they want officials to step in and take action.
A spokesperson for the Wizards told News 12 they don't condone the alleged behavior but had no comment.
A representative for the football league says they are looking into the allegations.