WC lawmakers look to crack down on drag racing

Two Westchester County lawmakers are taking action to keep drag racers off the roads.
County legislators David Tubiolo and Virginia Perez, who represent the city of Yonkers, co-sponsored a bill Monday that would crack down on drag racing countywide. The bill calls for hefty fines and possible vehicle confiscation for drag racing.
The bill is named after 23-year-old Michael Nolan. In September 2015, Nolan, a pitching prospect for the Oakland A's, was fatally shot in the head during a drive-by shooting at a Burger King on Central Avenue over an alleged dispute about drag racing.
James Nolan, Michael's brother, is leading the charge to get the bill passed.
"My brother was an unfortunate victim because of this. Minding his own business and lost his life because of somebody else's race,” he says.
Lawmakers say they will continue to refine the bill before bringing it to vote, hopefully within the next few months.