'We just didn't want to wait.' Parents enroll young children in vaccine trial

A study of how Rockland-based Pfizer's vaccine affects very young children is underway.
News 12 spoke to one couple who enrolled their 8-month-old and 3-year-old sons into Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine trial.
Already, 3-year-old Andel is fully vaccinated as of today. His 8-month-old brother Soren will receive his second dose next week. The brothers are enrolled in Stanford Medicine's Pfizer COVID vaccine trials for kids under 12. Aside from sore arms, they've had no side effects.
Their parents say they made the decision to help ease fears others have about the vaccine and help everyone get one step closer to normal.
They tell News 12 they felt the benefits of the trial far outweighed the risks. "It has been given to so many adults and teenagers. This vaccine has excellent safety profile and was so much more effective than we expected…We just didn't want to wait until next year to vaccinate our kids," says parent Zina Good.
"It's about weighing risks - the risk of the vaccine and risk of getting COVID-19. And with long COVID, kids can get really messed up, so it seemed pretty clear to go with the vaccine," says Otavio Good.
About 5,000 kids are enrolled in these trials. Stanford Medicine tells News 12 over 3,000 families applied for their trial's 200 slots.