Chillier weather for Halloween; dry most of the rest of the week

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Addison Green temperatures will drop into the 40s. A frost advisory is in place until Tuesday morning.
TONIGHT: Clearing with lows in near 40 in Westchester and Rockland Counties. It will be colder (30s) in Orange, Putnam, Dutchess and Ulster counties. There is a Frost Advisory for Orange and Putnam into Tuesday morning. 
TUESDAY: HAPPY HALLOWEEN -- A cold start with a mix of sun and clouds through the morning and afternoon. Cool with highs around 52 degrees. Chilly for trick-or-treating. Lows near 37 degrees. 
WEDNESDAY: A spotty few showers during the morning. A few snowflakes mixed in cannot yet be ruled out in Orange, Putnam, Dutchess and Ulster counties. Nothing significant. Highs around 49 degrees. Lows near 34 degrees.
THURSDAY: Sunny with highs around 50 degrees. Lows near 36 degrees.
FRIDAY: Sun and clouds. Highs around 56 degrees. Lows near 41 degrees.
SATURDAY: PICK OF THE WEEK -- Mostly sunny. Highs around 60 degrees. Lows near 46 degrees.
SUNDAY: DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME ENDS -- CLOCKS GO BACK ONE HOUR AT 2 A.M. -- Partly sunny with highs around 58 degrees. Lows near 42 degrees.