Westchester County police dog retires after a career of sniffing out illegal drugs

A Westchester County police dog is headed off to a dog's life in retirement.
Narcotics Detection K-9 Mario, who is handled by Officer Dave Sanchez, is a yellow Labrador retriever who has been very successful in sniffing out illegal narcotics.
The department said in a Facebook post, "Mario has detected narcotics on many occasions, including during traffic stops or during the execution of search warrants. His work supported investigations by the WCPD as well as multiple state, local and federal law enforcement agencies. Mario and PO Sanchez also brought smiles to many faces in Westchester County when they made public appearances at schools, scout troops and other community events. We congratulate PO Sanchez and NDC Mario on a job well done and wish Mario a continued happy and healthy life as part of the Sanchez family."