Westchester mom, daughter create 'back-to-school' sanitizing kits to keep kids safe in class

A Westchester mom and her 8-year-old daughter have created "back-to-school sanitizing kits" to help keep kids safe while in the classroom.
Rachel Lerner, of justspray2sanitize, is a health and wellness coach based in Rye Brook. She says her husband is in office and janitorial supplies.
Lerner says that during the COVID-19 pandemic, she was fortunate to have access to items such as sanitizers, gloves, wipes and disposable masks. She has been providing the PPE to family and friends across the country.
She says she realized that there was a need for people to access the supplies locally, so she created back-to-school kits with her daughter.
Each kit contains a 75% alcohol-spray sanitizer in two different sizes, as well as a package of 900-count antibacterial wipes. The kit also includes a nylon lanyard mask chain to reduce the number of masks on the floor or lost at school.