Westchester nonprofit may have to close due to lack of funding brought on by COVID-19

A Westchester-based nonprofit says it may have to close due to a lack of funding brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.
Davida Gilchrest, the founder of Keeping Communities Safe in Ossining, says she has been unsuccessful in acquiring loans or grants. She has also not been able to host fundraisers because of COVID-19.
Gilchrest is now relying on her life savings to continue services, including housing placement, job interview training and bilingual programs.
She says her pride and joy is helping kids, many who rely on her space for Wi-Fi so they can learn remotely.
"A lot of these kids are not financially secure and a lot of them are in foster care families and they love it here. Like, this is their place, this is their place where they call home. It's their second home," she says.
The National Council of Nonprofits tells News 12 many organizations like Gilchrest's will be in this predicament until Congress passes a COVID-19 relief bill.