Westchester synagogue leaders frustrated with Rep. Bowman's actions when it comes to Israel

Leaders of Westchester synagogues expressed their frustration and anger regarding the ongoing actions of Rep. Jamaal Bowman when it comes to Israel's actions since the war with Hamas started.
The Executive Committee of the Westchester Board of Rabbis expressed these concerns in a resolution that was released Wednesday.
The resolution was signed by 40 rabbis, who come from across the Jewish denominational spectrum, according to Rabbi Evan Hoffman, who serves as the president of the board.
In the resolution, these rabbis called on the 16th district congressman, whose district includes parts of Westchester County, to do more for the Jewish community as the war continues.
"When there was a resolution for United States support for the people of Israel, over 400 members supported that resolution. He was one of only a handful who didn't," Rabbi Hoffman said. "On the flip side of things, when there was a resolution proposed, which was really abhorrent and objectionable, calling for an immediate ceasefire and not mentioning terrorism, he was one of the only 13 members who supported it."
The rabbis also called on Rep. Bowman to "join his colleagues in upholding the moral obligation for Israel to protect its citizens against Hamas."
On Wednesday, the congressman co-sponsored a resolution that condemned Hamas' attacks on Israel and called for the immediate release of all the hostages who have been kidnapped.
News 12 reached out to Rep. Bowman for a statement regarding the rabbis' resolution but has not heard back.