When Love Hurts- Part I

Domestic violence is a problem that affects people from every religious, ethnic and economic background. In Part I of the special series ? When Love Hurts,? News 12 Westchester takes a look at a common mistake many people make.
Believing it could never happen to me is what happened to Beverly Genese of Mount Vernon. Beverly and her husband Tom were married for 54 years. Beverly says throughout their marriage, her husband would berate her in private and in public. She says he never laid a hand on her, but would leave her emotionally drained.
In May of 2001, Beverly says her husband accused her of cheating and shot her in the hand, chest waist, back and throat. She was in the hospital unconscious for nine days. Ted Gensese, who was 83 years old by the time he was sentenced, received only six years in prison because of his age. He died in prison last year.
Beverly says she is now trying to start her life over.
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