White Plains nanny sentenced to jail for reckless assault on 3-month-old

A White Plains nanny has been sentenced to six months in jail for the reckless assault of a 3-month-old baby in her care.
Nija Woodbury, 23, pleaded guilty last July, according to the Westchester District Attorney’s Office. She was also sentenced to five years of probation.
The incident happened in Jan. 2023 when Woodbury was employed by a family in Mount Pleasant.
She aggressively shook and bounced the baby without supporting his head. She then placed the victim into his crib.
The mother observed the baby in a strange position on the baby monitor. Upon realizing the baby was seizing, turning blue, and unresponsive, the mother called 911.
Woodbury was present during this time and said nothing about what she had done earlier to the baby.
The victim was treated for abusive head trauma for a week in the pediatric intensive care unit at Westchester Medical Center.