White Plains school officials urge students to avoid Halloween parties amid pandemic

Westchester school administrators are urging students to avoid parties this Halloween as the region continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic.
White Plains Public School faculty have been discussing the risk in classrooms and sending out reminders for best practices for the holiday.
They say that the responsibility falls on parents and guardians.
"Because here's the deal," says White Plains Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Joseph Ricca. "If somebody's sick there, and it ends up spreading, you could inadvertently end up closing down your local school district because the facilities aren't going to be able to stay open."
Debra Brookes says she and her daughters will be together tonight, but there's no way to know what their friends and peers from school are up to.
"I would be very troubled if parents would allow children to go to a party, particularly enclosed, in this period," she says.
Some schools, like Fox Lane, recently dealt with the aftermath of students gathering at parties.
Police identified those students, and the school required them to learn remotely for two weeks.
"Look, we've all been kids, and as adults we miss being able to get together and gather," says Superintendent Ricca. "We have to be careful about all those things."
Schools that are open for in-person learning are relying on families to make safe decisions.
The New York State Department of Health is also asking that residents avoid large parties or gatherings entirely this Halloween.
The CDC offers some alternative options, like scary movie nights outdoors with neighbors, or indoors with close family.