Wiretapping scandal haunts Pirro, Cuomo at campaign stop

Despite the media frenzy surrounding Republican attorney general candidate Jeanine Pirro, she hasn?t skipped a beat on the campaign trail.
Both Pirro and Democratic challenger Andrew Cuomo appeared in Manhattan Tuesday to try and win the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters. The two did not appear together, however, the scandal surrounding Pirro?s possible attempt at wiretapping her husband haunted both candidates. Cuomo told the crowd he would not comment on an ongoing investigation or his opponent?s campaign.
Pirro was asked about allegations that as Westchester?s district attorney she gave favorable plea deals to clients of attorney Michael Santangelo. Santangelo was her husband?s lawyer whose wife is suspected of being the ?other woman? in a possible affair with Al Pirro. Pirro called the allegations ?ridiculous? and said she has confronted difficulties before. She says she will focus on the issues and intends to win the election.
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