Woman celebrates anniversary of law office by launching student scholarship

A lawyer in the Bronx is celebrating the one-year anniversary of opening her office by giving back to the community and honoring her grandparents.
Jodi Morales is launching the Rafael and Graciela Crespo Legacy Award, and is giving one college-bound high school student from the South Bronx $1,000 towards their education.
More than a decade ago, Morales was headed off to SUNY Buffalo to start on her path to become an attorney. Her grandparents gave her a gift of $1,000.
"Being 18 years old and not having any income.. it felt like a million dollars," said Morales.
Morales says she wants to give back locally because she says it's the community she works in and would like to invest in.
The application process consists of two reference letters, a transcript, a 500-word essay on what you hope to achieve, and how you plan on using those achievements to impact the community.
Morales says her grandparents came from Puerto Rico in 1946 and didn't speak any English. She says they didn't have a lot of money or formal education, but created a "legacy of hard work and public service."
"My grandparents left a really strong legacy of hard work and community service.. they came from meager beginnings and didn't have a lot of money but they still always found ways to give back. and its really heartwarming for me to honor them as I evolve in my own practice," said Morales.
The winner of the scholarship will be announced in the spring.