Woodycrest Avenue blaze injures 14

A Wednesday fire right next door to last year's fatal Woodycrest Avenue blaze injured 14, including five firefighters.
According to FDNY officials, the fire started in a first floor apartment at 1030 Woodycrest Ave. It spread to the second floor before firefighters could put out the blaze. Fire officials said that most of the injuries were minor, though one civilian was seriously hurt. At least seven people were taken to area hospitals.
According to neighbors, the man living in the apartment where the fire started had not been paying his electric bill, forcing him to use candles to light his home. Neighbors suspect that he fell asleep with candles lit and one of them fell over, sending the apartment up in flames.
The fire remains under FDNY investigation.
Last March, a fire killed nine people at 1022 Woodycrest Ave., including eight children.