Workers cause Throgs Neck pizzeria to go up in flames

A well-known Throgs Neck pizzeria, Loretta's Pizza, was destroyed Tuesday by roofers who accidentally caused a fire, officials say."The fire started on the roof," says Fire Chief Kevin Scanlon. "They were doing roofing ? burning, torching the roof ? and it got into the attic space of the store and it [burned] the electric [wiring]."Dozens of firefighters responded to the pizzeria at 3276 Layton Ave., but they were unable to save the beloved establishment.
Customers hope the Throgs Neck pizza institution, which was equally well-known for its community work, will reopen. The owner says he plans to rebuild and hopefully reopen bigger and better within a few months.
The landlord refused to comment about the fire and the pizzeria owner says he wasn't aware that anyone would be working on the roof where he rents.
For footage of the fire and interviews from the scene, go to Channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.