Wounded Korean War vet says repeated requests for Purple Heart ignored

A Northern Westchester man who was injured during the Korean War says he is still haunted by the emotional battle scars and that his repeated requests to be honored with a Purple Heart are being ignored.
Bill Robertson, of Yorktown Heights, says he was in combat from the day he arrived during the war. The former rifleman, who was married only two days before his deployment, says he watched his best friend die before suffering shrapnel wounds to his head.
The next morning, Robertson says he was back on the battlefield because his fellow soldiers needed him and they had no replacements in his company.
"It's very frustrating because regardless of how bad you got banged up, or how little you did, you deserve the award," he says.
Roberston says he's been fighting for years to be awarded a Purple Heart medal - which goes to all heroes injured in battle.
He says no matter how badly someone is hurt, if you shed blood during battle, you deserve a Purple Heart - but years of repeated requests have gone nowhere.
After Robertson and his local VFW group reached out to Turn To Tara's investigative unit, News 12 immediately reached out to members of Congress and the military. News 12 was told he was already issued all the medals he was entitled to, and that nothing more could be done.
Robertson says his last hope is that someone will hear his story and take on his cause.