97-year-old Marine Corps veteran recalls Battle of Iwo Jima

Francis Duffy, of Pearl River, remains humble as he recalls serving in the Marine Corps 75 years ago.
Today, Duffy is recognized for his bravery and accolades for serving during the Battle of Iwo Jima.
“Iwo Jima, that wasn’t too good. I only last 9 days,” says Duffy.
The Marine was shot and injured, which required hospitalization. But through the tough times, he remained humble.
When asked about his hospital say, Duffy says "it was a great place to be. Three meals a day, a nice warm bed, and no one shooting at us." He survived the deadliest war and returned home a decorated veteran with great humor.
Although most of his friends have passed away, Duffy is grateful to still be alive, saying in part, "All my buddies are gone… I'm one of the few left. I don't know who's left, I know I am and I'm happy to be left."
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