Yorktown Heights couple self-quarantining in Florida after state's new mandate

Florida's new mandate requiring New Yorkers to self-quarantine when visiting the state is hitting close to home for a Long Island couple.
Paul and Jeanine Grettler, of Yorktown Heights, are now self-quarantining in Florida.
Florida's governor issued an executive order Monday, ordering travelers coming from the tri-state region to self-quarantine for two weeks to avoid spreading the coronavirus.
News 12 spoke with the Grettlers who flew to Naples, Florida a week ago, and are now voluntarily self-quarantining.
"We don’t feel ill, but we don’t know what tomorrow will be. We don’t know what they have on them. It’s [the] best interest to keep yourself distant,” says the couple.
The executive order only applies to New Yorkers arriving in Florida starting this week, but Florida's governor says he plans to sign another order to make the self-quarantine apply retroactively.
This means anyone who traveled from New York to Florida in the last three weeks would be impacted.
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