Zeldin and Gillibrand exchange barbs ahead of possible 2024 Senate race

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and former Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin are exchanging words ahead of a possible U.S. Senate race in 2024.
Zeldin has not yet announced a run for Gillibrand's seat.
If Zeldin chooses to make a Senate run, Gillibrand told Senior Reporter Tara Rosenblum she likes her chances. "I know he's been mentioned. I don't think he'll run - but if he does, I will beat him."
Zeldin responded to Gillibrand's comments on Twitter. The Republican said, "Tough talk from New York's laziest and most forgettable Senator in generations. Senator What's Her Name only says this because she is in a state with MANY millions more Dems than Republicans. If the Dem enrollment advantage was 2 million, that wouldn't be enough. She'd be toast."