18 people displaced following fire at 2-story home

A fire destroyed a Spring Valley home and left 18 people, including a newborn, homeless.
It's the second fire in three days that investigators say could have been prevented if regulations were up to speed. The blaze took place on Johnson Street Friday night, 36 hours after a yeshiva dormitory went up in flames.
Investigators say eight families were packed into the two-story home before it caught fire in the basement. The yeshiva school on East Funston Drive, originally built as a single-family home, had dozens of students living in the attic on mattresses prior to the fire.
Rockland County Fire Coordinator Gordon Wren says unsafe living conditions only continue to worsen in the community. Wren says the village has not enforced building codes and is neglecting to punish those who have violated them.
The eight families that were displaced are being helped by the Red Cross.
Fire officials say they will issue a summons to the landlord of the property with an electrical violation. There is no word on any summons for the yeshiva school.