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2 men arrested after violent, midday attack in Poughkeepsie

Authorities say they found two victims badly hurt and one possibly struck by one of the vehicles.

Blaise Gomez

Aug 21, 2023, 10:05 AM

Updated 330 days ago


Two men are under arrest after a vicious assault Sunday in Poughkeepsie involving a three-car crash and several people in the middle of the day.
Viral witness video of the ordeal shows one man waving a firearm in the middle of Maple Street Sunday afternoon with cars and people all around. Two men are seen beating two other men on the ground with their fists, a baseball bat and their feet.
Witnesses are heard screaming and seen trying to get away in their cars. Another is seen walking over trying to help while the violence unfolded feet away.
One woman News 12 spoke didn’t want to be identified but said her daughter was playing outside when it happened and witnessed the ordeal.
“She’s the one who called me and said, ‘I’m scared. There was an accident and the people got out of the car and started fighting,’” said the woman. “Why does a 6-year-old have to see that?”
City of Poughkeepsie police say the two victims were hit in their car by two cars driving the wrong way and then were run over when they got out.
They say one victim was stabbed during the attack.
Authorities didn’t reveal if the victims were targeted or if it was road rage, but say 43-year-old Rakim Paulin, from Beacon, and 40-year-old Jeremy Taylor, from Poughkeepsie, are under arrest.
Authorities say one of the victims is in critical condition and that the other was treated at the hospital and released.
“Something has to be done,” said the neighboring woman. “Something has to be done. It’s not fair.”
Both suspects are charged with assault and attempted assault.
Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to call City of Poughkeepsie at 845-451-7577. 

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