4 things to know about Blackout Day 2020, and 7 ways to find Black-owned businesses

Today is Blackout Day. The day calls for an economic boycott that challenges Black people, and their supporters, to flex their economic power.
Here are four things you need to know today:
1. Organizers are asking the Black community to spend no money at all, including Amazon and restaurants.
2. In a video on Instagram summarizing Blackout Day, Calvin Martyr, the movement's founder, asked that if participants must spend money, that they spend it with Black-owned businesses exclusively.
3. Boycotts were a key tool in creating change during the Civil Rights Era.
4. The economic boycott is not to be confused with #BlackoutTuesday, which you probably saw alongside black squares all over social media for one day in June.
Want to support a Black-owned business? Here are seven ways you can find shops:
1. Etsy has a page highlighting Black-owned Etsy shops.
2. Target has a variety of Black-owned beauty products.
3. Amazon also has a list of Black-owned brands.
4. Support Black Owned is a website and app that can help you find businesses in your area.
5. We Buy Black is an online marketplace with items from Black-owned businesses.
6. You can find local black-owned restaurants with EatOkra.
7. You can also use social media in your search for Black-owned businesses. Use hashtags like #SupportBlackBusiness and #BlackOwnedBusiness to find different places.